Saturday, January 2, 2010

One More New Year's Eve Photo...

One photo arrived too late last night for inclusion in my New Year's Eve recap post -- I have strict deadlines imposed by Corporate -- so I'm including it here.  It's from fellow Blogspot Blogger Maureen, who lives in Canada (hence, I now officially have international readership...) 

Maureen's blog, titled "I'd Rather Be Blogging," is funny and entertaining.  It can be found at  I sent Maureen a note with a bunch of questions on the day that I signed up at (hers was the featured blog of the day) and she was kind enough to respond with great advice.  Here's Maureen's photo:

I don't know how Maureen got those words superimposed onto the photo.  She's much more technologically advanced than I am, as evidenced by the visuals on her blog.  It's a great photo and caption and I thank Maureen for it.

Just a quick post this time out, I'm trying to vary the lengths.  I'm still getting my blogger legs beneath me, please bear with.  Until next time kidz, have a good one.

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  1. So sorry I was late; but thank you for posting it!

    I use Fireworks for manipulating my images; I couldn't do anyhing without it!

    Happy New Year!!!!


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