Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Night Down Under

I'm a little late with today's post.  It's now tomorrow's post.  I apologize to the loyal readers. Non-loyal readers, I don't care about you so much.

I met up tonight with some friends from Chicago and New York at the Australian Bar on West 38th Street here in Manhattan to watch the Villanova - Notre Dame basketball game.  Here's what the outside of the bar looks like:

My friend Ben, from the Chicago office of a large international law firm, chose this place because it advertises itself as a Villanova bar.  He's a University of Illinois grad and roots for the Illini, DePaul and Notre Dame.  Despite all of that, he's a good guy.

I have more to say, but nothing more about this picture of the exterior of the bar, so I'm just typing this to fill space.  Consider this to be the equivalent of those styrofoam peanuts that infest the box of everything you order on the internet.

Here's Ben (left) and Brett.  They were already at the bar when I arrived.  Brett's wife thought he was still in the office at this time, so please don't forward a link to her.  Actually, since it means another click for me, go right ahead.  Do you notice that out-of-place black section of Brett's tie, on the right side of his neck?  I think we busted him with a clip-on. 

Here's the menu at the Australian bar.  The food is actually very good for a pub.  If you can read this picture of the menu without your glasses, you must be in good health.  You'd probably order that turkey burger for eleven bucks.  Don't ask me what those kangaroos are doing to the sign at the top.  It's none of your business.

This is Matt, the owner of the bar.  He's from Australia.  Matt knows a former Villanova basketball player who was on a professional team in Australia, hence he's a fan.  Here's his better side:

That's my kind of fan; he shows his Villanova pride (by the way, the Wildcats beat Notre Dame 90 - 72).  The Australian Bar is a fun place with good food; it has The LG Report's endorsement.

Dan, the big-shot managing partner of this 800 lawyer international law firm, was supposed to join us, but he was too busy "putting out fires" to hob nob with the little people.  Here's a picture of us missing Dan:

That would've been Dan in JC's embrace on the right.  Actually, in real life, if Dan were with us JC would've been too afraid to say anything to Dan, never mind embrace him. 

We played a bar game, the details of which are too complex (and boring) to explain here, but it involved JC having to pick a U.S. state for his answer.  When I asked him to name a state, JC's reply was (I swear this is true): "What are my choices?" 

I started reciting the 50 states in alphabetical order, but then JC realized the folly of his answer.  Luckily, his mental error will only be paraded before the 34,544 and 1/2 people who read The LG Report.

Here's big-shot Dan, the guy who was too busy to join us:

I'll bet that tie was a Christmas present from the mother-in-law.  What else could explain it?

Rumor has it that Dan bought his mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas present one year.  The next Christmas, he bought her nothing. She said to him "What's the matter Dan, don't you love me anymore?  You didn't buy me a present this year."

His reply: "Why should I? You still haven't used the present that I bought you last year."

I copied this photo off of Dan's law firm profile.  My guess is that he'll have it removed from there tomorrow.  A day late. 

Overall, it was a great night out in NYC. Too bad Dan missed it.  Oh yeah, few more points before I sign off.

This is Ryan.  You might suspect, from the look on his face, that he's hiding a bong, but he's not.  Just a bad photo.  Ryan should be made a partner at Dan's big-shot law firm.  The LG Report endorses Ryan's candidacy.  Also, we don't have a photo right now, but rising star Alex B. (we don't use last names on The LG Report) in the Albany office should also be made a partner.  Alex works hard, which is why he's not in any of these pictures.  

I have nothing to do with this large, unnamed law firm, officially, but that doesn't stop me from making partnership recommendations.  Deal with it. 

Finally, don't forget that tomorrow The LG Report will be in the studio audience for  Martha  Stewart's all-male audience Super Bowl Show, and we'll be providing a full report, replete with photos.  I'll try to get Martha to hold up the LG Report sign, but I suspect that I'll be wrestled to the ground before that happens. 

Another upcoming highlight:  Next Wednesday at noon we'll be unveiling Geo's high school yearbook photo.  It's a scream, believe me, you won't want to miss it.

Thanks for clicking in folks.

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