Thursday, January 7, 2010

The LG Sports Report: The Case For Not Watching Games In A Bar

I have about 12 posts up so far, and I haven't yet mentioned one of my burning passions: Villanova basketball.  I'll be quick about this, because I could go on all night and you're probably not too interested.  But I am. 

Villanova played DePaul last night ESPN 360.  That's a channel that you can only get with a special cable package, which I don't have.  Most of the men reading this think that they have a special package, but that one doesn't include ESPN 360 either. 

I was walking by a bar in my neighborhood yesterday and saw a Villanova banner hanging outside. I asked the barkeep if the game would be on. "Yes, not only will it be on, but we'll have the sound turned up." 

Non-sports fans: you might not understand this, but having the sound turned up on your game in a bar is a big deal. 

I like to have at least one picture with each of my blog entries.  Here's one for you.  This is the Villanova basketball rug that I have on the floor of my computer room:

And here's an exciting shot of the top of the bookcase in my bedroom (by the way, I know I need to get a high-quality camera rather use my Blackberry's camera...I'll get on that):

I met my friend Dan (also a Villanova grad) at the bar at about halftime.  Our team was comfortably up on DePaul, but I was not comfortable in the bar.  Dan and I were the oldest people in there by about 25 years.  We were as out of place as Paris Hilton in the Yale library.   

I am getting old (so is Dan, but I won't drag him down with me...) 

I can't go out to bars like I used to, and I certainly can't mingle with the young crowds like I used to.  I'm now the Old Guy who repulsed me in bars when I was a Young Guy.  Maybe I should get a sweatshirt that says "I'm only here for the ESPN 360 package, don't hate me."
Thankfully, Villanova won by a wide margin.   

I'll watch the games at home for now on.  I'm usually the youngest one there... 


  1. Larry:
    This is very sad. You don't look a day over 60. Take joy in the fact that you're with young people and don't become a smelly old stay-at-home fart who becomes permanently affixed to his Laz-E-Boy.
    One Who Is Older Than You (chronologically, not appearance-wise).

  2. LG: I have to call BS on this one. I have seen you entertain (legally, of course) people half your age in bars on many occasions. Not buying it.

  3. Laz,

    You are an old sad sack of meat. I know you are no longer a bar hopper. Not....

    Layoff McD's. My kids need jobs. When our president stops smoking and the media and hollywood elite comes clean on Global Warming, then it will be time to Go Green. In the interim, there's no damage. Just eat the extra cardboard if you don't want to throw it out.

    Congrats on Nova's Football Subdivision Championship. Get out the way!!

    Be wary of this winter weather.

  4. The beef is not "where's the beef" but the beef. Why not a "greener" baked potato with melted cheese?


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