Saturday, January 23, 2010

Epiphany School Brawl: Blue vs. White at Madison Square Garden

People constantly write to The LG Report to say, "You cover the big-time (e.g. Martha Stewart), and you cover the small-time (e.g. The Pinewood Derby), but how about covering the in-between time?  We crave coverage of small-time stuff in a big-time setting!  Bring it on!"

Well folks, we have just the thing, so get out of our grill.  Sit back and enjoy what you're about to read (if we didn't lose you already, that is...)

Today, during halftime of the Villanova - St. John's basketball game (VU won 81 - 71) at Madison Square Garden, the Epiphany School's Blue Team, coached by the incomparable William "Coach Billy" Jennings, squared off against the White Team under the direction of Coach "I Need A Nickname" Conlon.  It was quite a brawl, although score wasn't kept.  Parents of Blue Team members, however, clearly thought that the Blue Team won.  Parents of the White Team, on the other hand, fervently believed that their rugrats won. 

Checking the photo above, that's Finn "Go For the Win" K. about to dish the ball to a teammate.  He's sorely lacking the tattoos of an NBA player, but otherwise Finn has great form.  Here's a picture of Finn's teammate, Henry "Thunder Dunk" S., just after he launched a two-pointer:

That security guard in the foreground had laid heavy money on White, and couldn't bear to watch his wager slipping away.  Notice the pained expression as he hears Henry's shot swish through the net.  He'll be postponing his retirement for a year or two thanks to his bet against Big Blue and Coach Billy.  The guard may also need some Ex-Lax judging by his scrunched face.

This is a shot of Blue Team star Henry with his parents before the game.  Henry comes from a very photogenic family.  Anne, on left, used to model for Marie Claire Magazine in Paris.  Geo, on the right, is one of the top models for the AARP Magazine. 

Henry is wearing a Syracuse sweatshirt because he didn't want to risk spilling anything on his good Villanova sweatshirt (get your own blog Henry if you want to contradict me...)

Villanova grads Paul, Jimmie and Dan mug for the camera.  Between Jimmie and Dan is the lovely Abby, who is not quite old enough for college.  She does, however, have a very impressive rubber chicken collection. 

Folks, you're looking here at the original poster for the milk advertising campaign, but it was never used.  The slogan was going to be: "Got Ugly?"  Smaller text would then explain that drinking a glass of milk per day can improve and strengthen facial structure. 

OK, I'm just kidding.  NYC hosted a trade show for Out of Style Jackets today.  Geo is wearing his "Westside Story" Sharks gang jacket, John just put up a fence on the North 40, Ed is fresh off loading some containers down at the Bayonne docks, and Philip recently found his 7th grade ski jacket that he thought he left in a bar at Hunter Mountain. 

OK, kidding again.  It's Geo and his friends John, Ed, and Philip.  Pretty boring photo.  They say the camera doesn't lie.

Our final photo for this story is of Villanova fan Jimmie, and his adorable daughter Abby, minutes before the game.  Not pictured: Doreen, Sophie, Blaise and Babbette. 

You may have noticed (although probably not) that the survey button is gone from the top right corner.  We only had three votes -- the voting process was so difficult and convoluted that the blog's author couldn't even register a vote.  Results indicated that Razzles do indeed have some type of candy element to them.  I demand a recount.

Weekends are quiet here (stats show that fewer than half the normal readership shows up on Sat/Sun), so we won't ramble on any longer, you have stuff to do.  Enjoy, and we'll see you next time.  Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Yep, I love Villinova they are my favorite team. That sweatshirt I of villinova (that I don't have) I sorta spilled TEMPLE juice all over it and now its all ruined just like novas dreams
    From the SYRACUSE fan,

  2. That Geo fellow is quite a handsome guy--I can see why he got the modeling gig with AARP (I think he did a feature "Over 50s That Look Younger Than Grizzled, White-Haireds Bloviating Bloggers Under 50". Please feature more Geo.


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