Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Contrarian's Secrets And An Offer For People With Long Tongues

Warning: Objects in The LG Report may be funnier than they appear in the mirror. 

Sometimes LG likes to do things that are contrary to the norm in American society, just for the hell of it.  For example, LG recently...
...Swam across the Rio Grande INTO Mexico

...Bought a Lo-Definition, One-D TV

...Went on a high-carb diet

...Traded in his Prius for a coal-burning car

...Bought a new Dumb Phone

You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, LG took this one on Third Avenue in Manhattan the other day:  

The owners of this deli must think that people in their neighborhood have really long tongues.  Not sure what LG means?  You can click HERE for clarification, but be forewarned, it's kind of NC-17 rated.  Don't say there wasn't full disclosure [Note: LG Report market research shows that 98.5% of our readers will click on the link and we're sure you're one of them.]

Now that you've clicked on the link, what do you suppose the 40+ toppings are?  Ah, we probably don't want to know...

So that's it for today folks, hopefully you harvested a laugh or two, or at least a smile, from something above.  LG has to go now, he feels a call coming in, the string is tightening on his dumb phone...


  1. Where have I been? I thought it meant up-chuck. Now I think I'm going to be ill.....

  2. Very brave swimming into Mexico these days. Think I'd have taken a sub, armed with some anti-druglord torpedoes.

  3. Yes, I clicked. But I must admit that I already knew the definition.
    My husband thought it was pretty funny.


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