Monday, December 27, 2010

The LG Report's Funniest Video Ever (Subtitle: If This Doesn't Get Us Murdered, Nothing Will...)

It's Day Two of the Snowpocalypse at the Jersey Shore and LG is snowed in big time.  See that SUV below with the partially exposed back window?  LG's car is directly behind it, under that large mound of snow.  Looking on the bright side, LG doesn't think his car will get stolen any time soon.  He also doesn't need to waste money on one of those folding sun shields that people put in their front windows to keep the car cool.  Awesome!   

LG's sister, MIG, has had LG out shoveling quite a bit since yesterday.  MIG has been affectionately nicknamed "MIG The Slave Driver" by LG. [That felt good to write, but it will probably cost LG five lashes across the back later, and he'll be sent to bed with no biscuit or water for dinner.] 

Earlier today, MIG was standing under this humongous snow overhang, barking out orders at LG.  The overhang appeared to be clinging oh-so-tentatively to the roof:

LG, in a move subconsciously inspired by an old Roadrunner cartoon, broke into a full-throated yodel in the hopes of bringing an avalanche crashing onto MIG.  Alas, no luck.  The good guy doesn't always win. 

Now, to the meat of this post.  But first, please rest assured that we are not trying to become the blogosphere's pre-eminent Doggie Door enthusiasts, this is just coincidental...

Some of you will recall that a couple of weeks ago, The LG Report featured a picture of LG's friend Dannie crawling through a doggie door.  Dannie did this to win $5 from LG on a dare.  Here's what it looked like:

Fast forward to today. 

Those of you acquainted with MIG know that her dogs, Jake and Sophie, rate well above LG on her list of priorities.  As MIG says, if the house were on fire, LG could escape on his own, so she'd tend to the dogs first.

Jake and Sophie have their own doggie door to provide direct access to MIG's backyard.  There are four steps on the outside the doggie door to make it easier for Jake and Sophie to get into, and out of, the yard.  When the steps are snow covered, as they were today, Jake and Sophie refuse to navigate them.  They have more rights than LG, as you can see.   

The two human gates to the backyard (distinctions between dog and human things need to be made frequently in MIG's house) were both wedged closed by the chest-high snowfall.   The only way into the backyard to clear the precious doggie door steps was via the doggie door itself. 

MIG, being the concerned and loving dog mother that she is, thought nothing of crawling through the doggie door to clear the steps for her beloved Jake and Sophie.   

LG didn't have his camera handy during her exit, but here's a still photo of MIG's return:      

MIG had read The LG Report post with Dannie's picture, and demanded $5 even though it had not been offered.  

Being an exemplary brother, LG should have probably offered to help MIG as she struggled to get back through the doggie door.  Instead, LG did what you, as an LG Report reader, would have wanted him to do: he ran for his video camera.  

Here now, for the first time ever, is a video of MIG squeezing her way through the doggie door.  Please forgive the shaky camera work; LG is not a professional cameraman and was laughing too hard to keep the camera steady: 


We hope you enjoyed our recap of Day Two of the Snowpocalypse.  LG may be stranded at the Shore for a few days yet.  There's still a lot of shoveling to be done before those cars can be moved, although LG may have worn out his welcome with this post.  

Hopefully, MIG won't be showing LG the doggie door any time soon....


  1. MIG does not seem to share LG's sense of humor! I do admire her devotion to her canine friends, however misplaced it may be. It looks like LG got the short end of the stick in this situation, although he did get some good video!

  2. So funny! Great blog. Thanks for posting.


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