Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowpocalypse Day 3

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Blog

LG is still enduring the effects of the Nuclear Snowlocaust at the Jersey Shore three days after it stopped snowing. 

They say Eskimos have 200 different words for snow.  LG wonders how many they have for shovel, backache and frostbite.

The American Medical Association should establish a maximum age, as a national standard, after which a person is prohibited from shoveling snow.  If there were such a mark, LG feels strongly that he would've passed it about ten years ago. 

Geo, for all of his faults (and we know many of you from various states would like to kill him), adheres to a personal policy which is looking wiser and wiser all the time. 

He has, for many years, politely declined to physically help any friends who are moving, but he offers to contribute $50 towards the cost of professional movers.  This might be a good policy to adopt with respect to snow shoveling, although something tells LG that MIG ("The Slave Driver") wouldn't go for it.  She'd rather apply the $50 towards LG's medical bills. 

See this cleared walkway?  That probably took two years off LG's life.  Each foot of progress required at least ten shovels full of wet-and-heavy snow.  Strike up the violins...

Here's that massive snow overhang that LG tried to bring down on MIG's head with his yodelling on Monday.  It's still hanging tough, even though LG fired a few snowballs at it yesterday in the hopes of causing a mini-avalanche.  He stopped when the 70-year old neighbor across the street asked him what he was doing.  LG didn't want to appear to be immature. 

Now here's a rare photo:

It's MIG shoveling!  Will wonders never cease?!  She had come out to supervise LG and make sure that he didn't need another whipping for slow work.  By some inexplicable miracle of nature, MIG then picked up a shovel and moved some snow!  This one is going into the scrapbook.... 

That's it for today folks, we hope (but can't promise) that the next posting will not be snow related.  Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you back here again soon.


  1. Wow! You got much more snow than we did here in Maine! Seriously, snow shoveling is hazardous to your health. Fortunately I have a young next door neighbor who takes pity on us old folks and shovels off our steps; we pay to have the driveway plowed.

  2. You guys are going to catch up to us if you're not careful!

    We have a snowblower, of course, as all middle-aged folks living in MN who can afford one, do. We help our neighbors quite a bit and accept six-packs and bottles of wine as payment.


  3. Just wait - there's more on it's way. The entire intermountain west has been getting moisture of some kind for the past 24 to 36 hours. You folks further east are going to just barely get dug out from the first storm when Mother Nature will be back in hair curlers brandishing a frying pan at you in all her global warming fury.

    I think we actually got more moisture in the snow storm yesterday in Utah than the one last week. And, of course, it'll pick up moisture as soon as it hits the humidity of the plains states. If I were you guys, I would go get TSA groped and head to Brazil or something while you still can.


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