Sunday, December 12, 2010

Geo's Video Holiday Message 2010!

Santa experiences the thrill of a lifetime by getting his picture taken with Geo. 
Santa asked Geo for a new sled and a reindeer with a regular nose.

There's no denying it: Geo has become an Internet sensation.  An out-of-control, runaway success.

The whole Geo phenomenon has taken on a life of its own.  People stop LG on the streets of Manhattan all the time and say "Thanks for bringing Geo into our lives, he's the best part of The LG Report. We love him!" or "We hate Geo, he makes us puke on our keyboard.  How could you do this to us?  You're ruining The LG Report."

Geo is definitely a polarizing figure, like Sarah Palin, Howard Stern or Dee from the TV show "What's Happening." 

We don't know if you noticed it, but last week white smoke billowed up from the chimney at the Geo manse.  He's ready to share with us his Video Holiday Message 2010.  But before we get to that, a quick side note.

Regular readers of The LG Report will remember the story of our good friend Noit, who fell 18-feet from a tree whilst wielding a chainsaw.  Noit is still not home, he's now recuperating at a rehabilitation center, but he's expected to be joining his terrific wife and two precious boys at the family homestead soon. 

Throughout the entire ordeal, Noit has maintained his good sense of humor and optimistic spirit.  The LG Report had determined, after a rigorous and impartial review, that a sufficient period of time has passed since Noit's fall, and that we can now make tasteful and respectful jokes about his mishap.

We don't want to overdo it, of course, because some of these Noit jokes might not get traction with our readers, and they may cast us in a bad light, so we'll just wish Noit all the best with his new job as a branch manager with a large bank.  He finally got his big break. [Yes, we know we may be insulting you by underlining the puns, but 15% of you wouldn't have gotten them otherwise.  You're not in that 15%, of course...] 

OK, OK, we won't delay any further; it's clear that you crave Geo's Holiday Message 2010 and want to wait no longer. 

You can access Geo's message by clicking HERE!

We hope you enjoyed Geo's words of wisdom, and we look forward to seeing you back here at The LG Report again very soon.  There are new hilarious posts going up all the time.  Or sometimes anyway....


  1. We finally get to meet the much-maligned Geo!

  2. Geo. Hmm. Why do I suddenly want to kill him?



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